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The Crypt Studio Membership Scheme

We’re really proud to be launching The Crypt Studio Membership scheme this summer - it's been a long time coming and certainly feels called for.

All of us at The Crypt know full well the challenges facing those engaged in the arts - especially those involved in independent, insurgent or innovative modes of expression. Between funding cuts and rent rises, independent music has been strong-armed out of spaces that were once refuges for creativity, collaboration and exploration. For unsigned and indie artists, the classic studio experience seems increasingly a relic of a bygone era - and something that is now only really accessible to major labels.

As a classic studio space, we felt it was our responsibility to redress this failing relationship and establish a new one based on accessibility, sustainability and community-building. We want the classic studio experience to be more than an option for commercial acts, corporate clients, major labels and sponsored shoots. For us, it should also be a space for artists that resist such industry structures - a space for artists that dwell and explore and play and experiment.

Vintage Neumann U87 Utopia Microphone
Vintage Neumann U87 Microphone

We spoke to some indie labels that we really admire, and it was clear that such a healthy, productive relationship between studio and artist was often implausible due to the accepted price point du jour. Labels can't afford the rates; independent studios can't afford dropping them.

Hopefully our Membership Scheme goes some way to tackle this.

It is for unsigned and independent labels, artists and producers. And, at its core is three price-cuts:

  1. A flat day rate reduction of 20%

  2. A flat "album rate" price, meaning a working week in the studio recording an album is, hopefully, much more plausible.

  3. Seasonal (and sizeable) discounts, like our current 50%-off-your-first-session offer.

An additional thing that seemed important was that the Membership was no-strings-attached. It's free to apply and, once a member, the bookings aren't based on any kind of token model.

A vintage tape recorder in a recording studio
Revox Tape Machine

The other aspects of the Membership programme speak more to community and opportunities for play. We'll be running events: parties, workshops, gigs, film screenings. And, we'll also be chucking in bespoke production tools made at The Crypt as free downloads, too.

Yes, it's about supporting an independent music landscape. But, it's also about us wanting to foster community and to work with the kind of boundary-pushing, risk-taking, challenging, exploratory musicians that can't currently access spaces like ours.

It's a work in progress and, being just an independent studio ourselves, there is only so much we can do. But hopefully the Membership scheme offers some genuinely useful services to those that engage with it!

To apply for membership, click here.*

*You will be asked to sign up as a site member, which will alert one of our team to send you a more comprehensive sign up form. Once the form is completed and assessed by our team, your website sign-up will be accepted and you will be able to access the website's Membership Area.


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