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Auris Ear Care: Waxing Lyrical

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Yesterday we had the pleasure of being visited by Dr. Riaz Rampuri of Auris Ear Care, who was kind enough to give the team's lugholes a lookie. During a swift 15-minute consultation, each of us got the lowdown on ear health and were treated to top-of-the-range microsuction ear cleaning.

A fully mobile, CQC-regulated company, Auris Ear Care are specialists in providing ear wax removal in London and have ample experience in treating the ears of top engineers. Working within audio, we take ear health seriously. And Auris Care's rigorous service didn't disappoint.

With our aural health in check, we are now more confident than ever that we can continue to deliver top-quality work that have earned us our stellar reputation.


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